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Bond Blocks Core Intervention Kit

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Product description
This package consists of 1 Big Bond Blocks Crate, which includes:
  • 4× sets of wooden Bond Blocks in their carry cases
  • 1× package of the 9 chapters of printed activities (106 activities in total)
  • 1× Materials Pack including Write and Wipe Sleeves, Round Spinners, Beadstrings, Counters and Pens
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Implementation, Assessment and Monitoring” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Teacher Notes” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Differentiation” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Answers” book
  • And all of the support and teacher materials available at
    • Over 100 Support Videos
    • Activity Notes for Explicit Teaching
    • Pre-made “A little easier” & “A little harder” Differentiated Tasks
    • Placement and Monitoring Test
    • Excel Spreadsheet for Test Results and Tracking Learning
    • Pre-made PDF and Excel Sheets for Monitoring Activity Progress
What is Bond Blocks? This kit can be used for Wave 2 and 3 Intervention with small groups. The activities systematically target every addition and subtraction content descriptor from the Year 1 to 3 curriculum. Suitable for students from Year 2 to lower secondary who count to add or subtract and are not fluent with basic facts. Addition and subtraction concepts are taught explicitly. Includes missing number pre-algebra concepts and application to word problems. Includes a colour-coded Placement Test, student goal setting and Excel whole school tracking tools. Every activity is modelled in a short video and has its own webpage detailing related mathematical concepts, mathematical language and differentiation. Kit contains materials to work with 4 students simultaneously.   The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring. Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.   Testimonials: Just an update on how our school has implemented the Core Intervention Kit. We have assigned a full time maths intervention teacher, who is working predominantly with the program with identified students in our year 3 to 6 cohort. Adding to this we also have several of our support staff engaging in small group work using the program. We have seen an absolute 100% turn around in our students’ confidence, alongside their ability to respond with a deeper understanding of the concepts they have been addressing. It is so heart-warming to see. The program has allowed all the staff involved to see how rich and crucial the concepts are. As a school we are now converts to the value of the Bond Blocks as a mathematical tool that support building strong mathematical foundations, hence our latest purchase to support our year 1/2 students ‘nail’ their understanding of counting and addition and subtraction. Thank you so much for creating such a valuable resource for our students. Terri T. Dandenong Primary School, Victoria "The activities are prescriptive, quick and easy with few materials required. The students particularly like the partner games. I was surprised how quickly I saw student progress. It was obvious in their speed and accuracy. The wooden blocks are the genius element of this program - so simple yet effective. The children can see, touch and manipulate the numbers and see them in relation to each other. I would highly recommend this resource for every K-6 teacher. It is applicable for intervention and core teaching." Amanda H. Intervention Teacher
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