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Complete Bundle - contains all webinars in the other bundles. Allows access to the webinar content located here for a 12 month period:

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Teaching length

This webinar takes primary teachers through a developmental sequence for teaching length from pre-primary to Year 6, including discussing:
  • Introduction of non-standard units from direct and indirect comparison
  • Development of the need for standard units
  • Development of relationship between cm, m, mm, km and conversions between them
  • Perimeter
  • Common misconceptions and how to address them at each stage
  • Showcasing an investigation on height

Teaching adding and subtracting

This webinar demonstrates how to develop strong conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction from initial partitioning. It addresses common difficulties such as bridging or regrouping and introduces several effective strategies for students who have difficulties with traditional methods. Hands-on materials used include bundling sticks, MAB, pipe cleaners, number lines and tens frames. There is an emphasis on flexible and long-lasting strategies that will still work in high school with negative numbers, fractions and algebra. This webinar also includes a downloadable diagnostic test to use with students.  

Teaching multiplication and division

This webinar is suitable for teachers from years 3-9. It focuses on using arrays to develop multiplicative thinking. It includes information on developing efficient strategies for multiplying multi-digit numbers and explains links between these strategies and later development of algebraic multiplication. It also demonstrates the commutative and distributive properties of multiplication using arrays. Teachers also have an opportunity to view videos of Year 6 students showing common misconceptions with multiplication and to discuss what they find. This webinar also includes a downloadable diagnostic test to use with students.  

Teaching fractions

This webinar looks in detail at 7 important understandings underpinning fractions and decimals. It shares videos showing students with common misconceptions in fractions, and provides an opportunity for discussion on the patterns and trends before detailing strategies for addressing the issues. The webinar includes strategies for operating with fractions, understanding fractions as numbers, understanding fractions as a position on a number line as well as the more common area models. This webinar also includes a downloadable diagnostic test to use with students.  

Teaching graphing

This webinar takes teachers through a developmental sequence for teaching students from F-7 about graphing. It includes innovative ideas for creating picture graphs from real objects, simple strategies for turning a strip of paper into a pie chart and even information on creating box and whisker plots. There is an emphasis on hands-on strategies, with great topics and simple ideas for investigating.

Introducing decimals

Decimal numbers can be one of the most difficult concepts to introduce. In this webinar Year 4-9 teachers will explore common misconceptions with place value, multiplication, and division and their impact on decimal fractions. They will also be introduced to three simple conceptual models that help with developing a strong understanding of proportions as well as with converting between fractions, decimals and percent. This webinar also includes a downloadable diagnostic test to use with students.  

Developing investigations and assignments

Modelling and problem solving while linked, are quite different skills. In this webinar teachers will learn how to develop purposeful, challenging and authentic tasks, define the task in student-friendly language and develop assessment criteria to use with their tasks. Two news articles on Food Wastage and Social-Media Influencers are used to develop engaging tasks for students.  

Developing differentiated problems and extending the upper two bands

Differentiation can be very difficult to manage. In this highly-practical webinar teachers will learn how to differentiate without going crazy. Important elements include planning for multiple levels, keys for adding challenge to an existing problem, how to help struggling students without decreasing the challenge and tips for managing a class with many different levels.  

Introducing tens and ones

Place value can be a very difficult concept to understand in early primary. In this webinar teachers will watch videos of children learning about tens and ones, talk about common issues involving quantity and partitioning and learn to use physical manipulatives in a way that builds a strong conceptual understanding. Watch out for the great bundling task using your pencils trolley!  

Appropriate Intervention

Often students who are most at-risk are given intervention that stops them accessing what we would all consider as great maths. In this webinar, teachers will consider:
  • models that are commonly used but are ineffective (what to reconsider)
  • quick strategies to implement for an immediate boost in results (easy, cheap and high-impact)
  • conceptual change approaches for lasting gains
  • issues at the school, teacher and student level
  • collecting and tracking only data that is purposeful
the challenge and tips for managing a class with many different levels.
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