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A Practical Guide to Transforming Primary Mathematics

Activities and tasks that really work

Author :  Mike Askew

ISBN : 9780415738453

Pages : 190 Pages

Published : August 18, 2015

Product Code  : TF004

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Product description
A Practical Guide to Transforming Primary Mathematics offers inspiration and ideas for all training and practising teachers committed to making mathematics enjoyable, inclusive, engaging and successful.  The companion to Mike Askew’s bestselling book, Transforming Primary Mathematics, this practical guide focuses on showing you how to unlock the powerful potential of a small set of consistent principles and practices, known as the teaching tripod, to develop a coherent approach to teaching mathematics. Organised around the major strands of the curriculum - number, calculations, shape and space, measures, and data handling – it offers an accessible introduction to the teaching tripod, a careful choice of tasks, supported by a range of tools that extend our natural abilities and held together by careful attention to classroom talk.  A range of classroom tasks, each including key learning outcomes, clear links to the framework, links to relevant research, and suggestions for making the tasks easier or harder, are offered for every topic, helping you plan units of work for meaningful learning. A Practical Guide to Transforming Primary Mathematics offers all teachers a vision, rationale and ideas for how teaching can support better learning of mathematics but also encourage learners to see themselves as being capable of learning mathematics, and wanting to learn it.
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