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AAMT Journal Special Order

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Previous editions of both AAMT Journals: APMC and AMEJ, are available for sale. Price is for 1 journal only. Copies of journals from the current calendar year will not be issued for sale as individual copies until the year following publication. There is a limited collection of Journals and we will endeavour to locate and fulfil your request as promptly as possible. Please be advised that some editions are simply not available and will not be reprinted and currently not available in digital format. How to order a specific Journal After proceeding to Checkout please Order Notes text below into the "Order Notes". Please note that the last line below will give an indication that you are flexible in the event that your selection is not available we will dispatch the most closely dated edition to you. If this detail is not included and your Journal request is not available we will refund your purchase. Alternatively you may specify any number of editions for your purchase and we will endeavour to match your request. How to order a selection of Journals If you are interested in populating your professional reading library or school resources with a selection of Journals simply purchase any quantity of Journals specifying the Journal title(s) and a preferred year. Our staff will locate a selection of Journals which most closely match your requirements. ------------------------------------------------ Order Notes Title: AMEJ or APMC Year: Volume: Edition/Number: Flexible with Edition:Y or N ------------------------------------------------
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