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Adam Spencer's World of Numbers

Author: Adam Spencer
ISBN-13: 978-1-921134-86-9
Publisher: Xoum Publishing
Page count: 378
Cover type: Hard cover
Publication date: 2015
Product number: NSB001
AAMT member discount : 20%

Product description
Almost 400 full-colour pages crammed with facts, observations and investigations about numbers. From the serious (Avogadro’s number and atomic mass units) to the intriguing (the highest ever score for a single word in a Scrabble game*) to the downright hilarious (345 is the average number of squirts from a cow’s udder to yield a US gallon of milk), this is a book to dip into for pleasure and knowledge. Adam Spencer is a self-confessed geek with a love of all things mathematical. He is also very funny. *Caziques (which means a type of Latin American chieftain) placed on 2 triple word scores with a bonus for using all 7 letters.
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