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Bond Blocks Core Kit (2024 Edition)

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This kit forms the basis of every Bond Blocks System - whether it's to be used as an intervention program or to be expanded into a whole school mental maths system. It includes all of the tests, assessments and teaching to go with the lessons available at We highly recommend using a school email address in the checkout phase for this item to ensure continued access to the associated digital resources even if the purchasing staff member leaves.
Bond Blocks Core Kit (2024 Edition)
Everything needed for 4 students to work simultaneously in an Intervention setting (or 8 students in a whole class Mental Maths setting)
  • 2024 Edition: Now includes all activity boards as PDFs (no longer a separate purchase) on the included USB.
  • 1× set of the 9 chapters of printed Activity Boards (108 activity boards in total) (2 more in the 2023 Edition)
    • 2023 Edition: Now printed in thicker and higher quality card stock.
    • 2023 Edition: Now comes in a gorgeous new full-size box with plastic sleeves for each chapter
  • 4× sets of wooden Bond Blocks in their carry cases
  • 1× Materials Pack including Write and Wipe Sleeves, Round Spinners, Beadstrings, Counters and Pens
  •  1× Bond Blocks USB with downloaded digital copies of the teacher materials and online materials (New in the 2023 Edition, great for remotes!)
Teacher Materials
  • 100-minute Video PL (Added to the Core Kit in the 2023 Edition, previously $450 separately)
  • New onboarding videos (New in the 2023 Edition)
  • Week by Week Implementation Planners for Tier 1 teaching (New in the 2023 Edition)
  • Australian Curriculum Version 9 guidesheet (New in the 2023 Edition)
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Implementation" Book (New in the 2023 Edition)
  • 1× "Bond Blocks Assessment and Monitoring” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Teacher Notes” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Differentiation” book
  • 1× “Bond Blocks Answers” book
  • Placement and Monitoring Test
  • Excel Spreadsheet for Test Results and Tracking Learning
  • Personal Licence – Allows one representative teacher to photocopy the boards for use with their class
Online Materials available at
  • Over 100 Support Videos (one for every Activity Board)
  • Activity Notes for Explicit Teaching
  • Pre-made “A little easier” & “A little harder” Differentiated Tasks
  • Pre-made PDF and Excel Sheets for Monitoring Activity Progress
  What is Bond Blocks?
This kit can be used for Wave 2 and 3 Intervention with small groups. The activities systematically target every addition and subtraction content descriptor from the Year 1 to 3 curriculum. Suitable for students from Year 1 to lower secondary who count to add or subtract and are not fluent with basic facts. Addition and subtraction concepts are taught explicitly. Includes missing number pre-algebra concepts and application to word problems. Includes a colour-coded Placement Test, student goal setting and Excel whole school tracking tools. The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring. Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities. Every activity is modelled in a short video and has its own webpage detailing related mathematical concepts, mathematical language and differentiation. Kit contains materials to work with 4 students simultaneously.
    The Bond Block Test is used for placement and monitoring. Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.     Testimonials:   Just an update on how our school has implemented the Core Intervention Kit. We have assigned a full time maths intervention teacher, who is working predominantly with the program with identified students in our year 3 to 6 cohort. Adding to this we also have several of our support staff engaging in small group work using the program. We have seen an absolute 100% turn around in our students’ confidence, alongside their ability to respond with a deeper understanding of the concepts they have been addressing. It is so heart-warming to see. The program has allowed all the staff involved to see how rich and crucial the concepts are. As a school we are now converts to the value of the Bond Blocks as a mathematical tool that support building strong mathematical foundations, hence our latest purchase to support our year 1/2 students ‘nail’ their understanding of counting and addition and subtraction. Thank you so much for creating such a valuable resource for our students. Terri T. Dandenong Primary School, Victoria   "The activities are prescriptive, quick and easy with few materials required. The students particularly like the partner games. I was surprised how quickly I saw student progress. It was obvious in their speed and accuracy. The wooden blocks are the genius element of this program - so simple yet effective. The children can see, touch and manipulate the numbers and see them in relation to each other. I would highly recommend this resource for every K-6 teacher. It is applicable for intervention and core teaching." Amanda H. Intervention Teacher
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