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Bond Blocks Counting to 10 & 20 Kit

Price: $1,595.00
Product description
This Kit includes:
  • (NEW) Screening Test, Planners, Skills Checklists (Tier 1, 2 and 3), Video Modelled Activities (on
  • (NEW) 46 × A3 boards in 5 plastic wallets
  • (NEW) 17 × Exploratory Play cards in a plastic wallet
  • (Updated) 128 × Guided Play A4 cards in 4 plastic wallets
  • 6 sets of wooden Bond Blocks (suitable for a whole class)\
  • 15 × Round Transparent Spinners
  • 15 × Write n’ Wipe sleeves
  • 2-Colour Counters
  • 1000 × Maths Cubes (required for the kit, but an optional purchase if you have your own cubes (option available when item is open rather than pre-order)
  • (NEW) Printable PDF and School Licence
  Supports intervention with 4 students or a full class of 24 students by itself, no further purchase required (some printing required though) 2024 Edition Details: A restructured book containing:
  • Implementation Planners for Tier 1 teaching in Pre-Foundation and Foundation Tier 2/3 Intervention (Foundation level content)
  • Curriculum linked to Australian Curriculum version 9, WA Curriculum Kindergarten & Pre-Primary, NSW Syllabus (2022) and VIC Curriculum version 2.0
  • Screening Test
  • Skills Checklists for Tier 1 and Tier 2/3
  • Teacher Notes on Concrete-Representational-Abstract, Maths Language, Predictors of Difficulty
Over 40 Teacher Led Activities. Every teacher led activity is:
  • Completed in pairs on an A3 board
  • Modelled in a short video suitable to show students. Explicit teaching for the WHOLE CLASS at once (or in rotations) using the 6 sets of blocks included! (Based on a class of 24 students.) Videos will be available on the website like the Core Kit.
  • Differentiated
Exploratory Play Activities Guided Play Activities USB with EVERYTHING including
  • Activity boards pdfs. Put on your server. Easy printing for all staff. NO ongoing subscription.
  • 100 minute video PL “Introducing Counting to 10 and 20 with Bond Blocks”. Lifetime access. No relief needed. Upskill new staff for free. Support consistent implementation over time.
Upgraded website: with modelled video (rolling out during 2024) Materials for a whole class (or multiple classes if you share*). Also use for intervention.
  • 6 sets of Bond Blocks
  • 15 spinners & write and wipe sleeves
  • 1000 cubes
* Additional materials packs will be available to add on for extra classes if you don’t want to share.
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