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Mathology Little Books - Patterns and Algebra: A Lot of Noise (6 Pack with Teacher's Guide)

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Product description
Get ready to follow a very noisy guy. See the things he collects and hear the noises they make. This pack contains:
  • 6 copies of the Mathology Little Book - A Lot of Noise
  • 1 copy of the corresponding Teacher's Guide.
A Lot of Noise is 16 pages in length and suited for the F/K Australian year level. The Teacher's Guide is 32 pages in length. The Teacher Guides provide scaffolded, hands-on activities with concrete materials, with no need for workbooks or worksheets. There are also downloadable Line Master resources for each Mathology Little Book which can be accessed via Pearson Places. Strand: Patterns and Algebra Big Maths Idea: Patterns can be described mathematically Key Maths Focus: Identify and extend repeating patterns. Reproduce and create repeating patterns
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