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Multipicative Thinking Teaching and Assessment Resources

Are you looking to enhance your students’understanding of multiplication and develop their multiplicative thinking skills? MAWA is here to help! We offer a range to top-quality resources and tools designed to make learning multiplication engaging and effective.

Our Multiplicative Thinking Resources include:

  • Comprehensive curriculum document showing the links between the AC Version 9, WA Version 8.4 and Victoria Version 2.0 and links to tasks from First Steps in Maths and our teaching and learning task books.
  • Two recorded PL workshops (about 50 minutes each). The first focuses on the research and theory. The second puts research and theory into the context of the classroom and how teachers can teach with a focus on MT.
  • Teaching and learning tasks that focus on MT thinking in books.
    Many tasks include simple clear teacher notes.

    • F – Year 2 (22 teaching tasks)
    • Year 3 – (29 teaching tasks, 2 investigation tasks)
    • Year 4 – (36 teaching tasks, 3 investigation tasks)
    • Year 5 – (59 teaching tasks, 14 investigation tasks)
  • Assessment tasks – many tasks include annotated student work samples and rubic to support teacher judgements. There are links to suggested teaching tasks. There are 33 assessment items in total.
    • 25 whole number and decimal multipliers
    • 15 sets square tiles (60 in each set)
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Others: $2,167.00
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