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Numbers: Facts, Figures and Fiction

Author: Richard Phillips
ISBM: 978-0-9546562-0-1
Publisher: Badsey Publications (UK)
Page Count: 128
Publication date: 2004
Product Number: PHI114
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Product description
Have you ever wondered how Room 101 got its name, or what you measure in oktas? Which number links Alice in Wonderland, rainbows and the Egyptian Book of the Dead? You will find the answers here. This book is full of facts (both mathematical and cultural), tantalising problems and anecdotes (main entries span the numbers 0–200). Written by Richard Phillips, creator of the Problem Pictures CD-ROM, this beautiful full-colour volume is a must for every school library. Once you see a copy you will want one for your own bookshelf… and probably one to give away as well!  
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