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Numero® is more than just a card game.

It is an invaluable resource for maths educators. Numero® has been designed for use by students of all ages and is ideal for developing numeracy concepts and problem-solving skills. Playing Numero® is a great way to improve maths, while having fun at the same time. Learn to play so you can help your children with their maths, or contact us about our staff, student or parent workshops!

Julie Richards explains some of the history of Numero to Dr Paul Swan.

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Product description
1 pack of Numero® cards, containing 89 playing cards, and spare blank cards to manually replace a lost card. This ensures a long life-span for your pack of cards!   WA Maths Summer School.
        • This event aims to provide mathematically talented students in Year 10 and 11, the opportunity to explore aspects of mathematics beyond the school curriculum with like-minded young people in a residential based setting.
Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) aims to promote an interest in using mathematics and fostering positive attitudes among students, teachers and parents. The focus of MTQ is to encourage students to think creatively and critical about mathematics.
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