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Proof: Interesting activities in conjecture and mathematical proof

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Do you want your classroom to be alive to proof?

Proof: Interesting activities in conjecture and mathematical proof is full of engaging activities, introduction to every type of proof, symbols and conventions.

It gives all proofs in full, along with study tips and extension work.

Endorsement of Proof: Interesting activities in conjecture and mathematical proof

This new book, as well as being a delightful read, is of immense value to both teachers and students. The author has succeeded in presenting a comprehensive range of techniques in a very readable, thorough and jargon-free manner. Charlie Watson, The Tuition Centre, Perth

“Proof is superb! Some features I especially enjoyed: Conversations about proof; identities and proof; sprinkler on the lawn example (neat!); the future of proof; many continuations of a series; proof projects; the proof that ab is rational for some irrational a and b; and so on. I like the examples, I like the style and tone, and I am sure that it ought to be very successful in the classroom.”  – David Wells, author of many popular mathematics books, including You are a mathematician and Curious and interesting numbers

It's very good. I like pretty well everything about it. It's written well; it looks good; and it has very important content. Professor Derek Holton, University of Melbourne

The IB maths course gives significant weight to mathematical proof, so why not set Diploma Programme students to work on a collection of puzzles and projects around the subject? Dr Paul Brown’s “classroom-proven” book is a great introduction to the real world of mathematics. International Baccalaureate World Magazine

Review of Paul Brown, Proof: Interesting activities in conjecture and mathematical proof

Paul Brown has put together a very interesting collection of mathematical problems and proofs. In just over 100 pages, he manages to cover a vast array of mathematical areas, complete with full solutions and discussion at the back. There is also an associated website with some downloadable files. For me, the examples chosen were a mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar. There are standard proofs of such things as Pythagoras’ Theorem and the irrationality of the square root of 2, which mathematics teachers will be very familiar with, but I also enjoyed several that I don’t remember seeing before, including one showing that cubes are ‘roughly’ multiples of 9 and a neat way of summing the first n Fibonacci numbers. The book also contains several lovely proofs without words, including one I will definitely come back to, showing at a glance that the angle in a semicircle must be 90 degrees. Problems, puzzles and proofs are intermingled with explanation and advice, and the book avoids excessive formality, adopting a light, even humorous, tone throughout. It is an engaging resource, with plenty to interest any young mathematician and much for any mathematics teacher to delve into. Enjoy!  Association of Teachers of Mathematics, UK

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