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Reasoning with Rods: Developing Mathematics Concepts with Coloured Rods

Author: Paul Swan
ISBN-13: 978-0-9807548-5-8
Publisher: A-Z Type (Aust.)
Page count: 48
Cover type: Soft cover, spiral bound
Publication date: n/a
Product number: SWA650
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Product description
Coloured rods (often known as Cuisenaire rods) are a versatile and readily available manipulative which model our number system. The activities and tasks in this book can be used to develop a number of mathematical concepts: addition and subtraction using a range of efficient strategies, factors and multiples, patterns, fractions, area and if–then thinking. There are games, riddles and puzzles. This volume also has a comprehensive teacher guide to the different kinds of operations that can be modelled using the rods, such as addition (and its commutative and associative properties), subtraction, multiplication using repeated addition and arrays, and division models of sharing and repeated subtraction.
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