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Rich Learning Tasks in Measurement and Geometry for Primary Students

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With over 90 rich learning tasks, this classroom resource has a huge variety of activities to suit students of all ages and interests. Explore shapes, go on a metric hunt, make models, create puzzles from pattern blocks, use map references to find treasure, examine transformations and symmetry, pack things into boxes ? the list goes on! Students are encouraged to estimate and justify their answers and to communicate their thinking to others in a variety of ways. Each task begins with an uncluttered, stimulating student page with clear instructions. A paired teacher page gives links to content descriptions from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, notes, a performance rubric of four levels and a sample student response. Suggestions for motivating students and for implementing and assessing are frequently provided. Skillfully constructed, the tasks are suited to a multitude of levels, and can be readily adapted for further extension. Accompanied by a CD-ROM with PDF files of student worksheets.
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