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Teaching of Decimals: From Research to Practice Based on Singapore Math Approach

Authors: Edge Douglas, Ban Har Yeap
ISBN-10: 9810195907
ISBN-13: 978-9810195908
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education
Page count: 152
Publication date: 2013
Product number: MCE005

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Product description
The fourth book in the series of the Teaching to Mastery: Mathematics professional development titles, Teaching of Decimals helps educators develop in students a comprehensive understanding of decimals in the context of associated place value, fractions, and whole number basic operations. Chapters focus on the decimal number concept, how decimals affect the teaching of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division algorithms, and problem solving. Continuing in the tradition of other books in this series, problem solving examples and their solutions often make use of bar modeling, a visual manipulative. There is also a continuation of the concrete-pictorial-symbolic approach and emphasis on relational learning rather than just procedural learning. Other titles in this series:
  • Teaching to Mastery-Fractions
  • Teaching to Mastery-Whole Numbers
  • Teaching to Mastery- Bar Modeling A Problem-solving tool
  • Teaching to Mastery-Proportional Reasoning
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