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The Mathematics Book

Author/editor: Helen Prochazka
ISBM: 978-0-9925330-0-7
Publisher: Zeno!ith
Page Count: 365
Publication date: 2016
Product number: MUR001
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Product description
Every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes, and mathematics can explain how zebra stripes are formed! This is just one interesting snippet in this visually delightful book. There are hundreds more, including poems, cartoons, quotations and photos. The author had two aims: to design a book for adults (as well as younger readers) who are interested in mathematics but have not found it easy; and to put mathematics in context to showcase the immense role it plays on our world. Fourteen chapters cover the basics of key mathematical concepts, such as areas and volumes, fractions and decimals, graphs and relationships, percentages and ratios. Interwoven throughout each chapter is the mathematics itself—historical evolution, clear explanations, practice problems with solutions—and full-colour images of the wondrous things that mathematics underpins or can explain—architecture, nature, art. A beautiful coffee-table style book suitable for anyone interested in understanding more about mathematics. Helen Prochazka is a regular contributor to the AAMT journal, the Australian Mathematics Teacher.
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