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Triathlon Training - Yr 12 Foundation Practical Application Assessment

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Brief Description:This practical application allows students to demonstrate their understanding, problem solving and reasoning in the context of planning for a triathlon event.Students will need to use the mathematical thinking process throughout this assessment. *Syllabus Dot Points: 4.1.4 use repeated addition, multiplication or division to work out simple rates, such as litres per 100km,either mentally or with a calculator 4.1.9 use ratio to interpret simple scales on maps and plans 4.3.3 understand and use the relationships between the four operations to assist in calculations 4.3.4 choose the appropriate operation to efficiently solve a problem mentally, with a calculator or spreadsheet 4.3.5 tell the time and work out elapsed time using different time units 4.3.8 estimate, measure and calculate length, mass and capacity 4.3.11 read, interpret and draw various maps and plans
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  • 2020-02-27
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