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Year 12 Investigation Tasks - Mathematics Applications

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Product description

Licence Agreement for Investigation Books.

Please tick the box to indicate agreement to the following conditions.  These investigations are Copyright but may be freely  used within the school that purchases this licence.

  1. The Investigations that are contained in this book are to be used solely in the school for which they are purchased.
  2. They are not to be shared in any manner with a school which has not purchased their own licence.
  3. The solutions/marking guides are to be kept confidentially and not copied or made available to anyone who is not a teacher at the school. Teachers may give feedback to students in the form of showing them how the work is marked but students are not to retain a copy of the marking guide. This is to maintain the integrity of these investigations for use as assessment tools in other schools. Furthermore, schools should retain these assessments at the school rather than let the students keep them.

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