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Yr 11 Road Trip - Mathematics Essential Practical Applications

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Mathematics Essential Practical Application Road trip Year 11 Unit 2   Brief Description: This practical application allows students to demonstrate their understanding, problem solving and reasoning in the context of planning a road trip after considering, speed, distance and time; with certain limitations.  Students will need to use the mathematical thinking process throughout this assessment. *   Syllabus Dot Points: 2.3.10  complete calculations for rates, including solving problems involving direct proportion in terms of rate 2.4.1    use of units of time, conversion between units, fractional, digital and decimal representations 2.4.3    calculate time intervals, for example, time between, time ahead, time behind 2.4.8    use scales to calculate distances and lengths on plans, maps and charts 2.4.9    plan routes for practical purposes, accounting for local conditions 2.4.11  calculate speed, distance or time using the formula speed = distance/time
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