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Yr 12 Mathematics Essential Statistical Investigations - Survey Monkey Time

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Mathematics Essential Statistical Investigation Survey Monkey Time Year 12 Unit 3   Brief Description: This statistical investigation asks students to design an electronic survey to answer questions about a problem of interest, for example the suitability of the year 12 facilities in the school. Students are required to design questions that allow for appropriate graphical and numerical techniques to be used. The survey questions should be written in a way that the results can be communicated is a systematic and concise manner however implementation of the survey is not a requirement of this investigation.   Syllabus Dot Points:
  • 3.4.1  investigate the procedure for conducting a census
  • 3.4.2  investigate the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a census
  • 3.4.3  understand the purpose of sampling to provide an estimate of population values when a census is not used
  • 3.4.4  investigate the different kinds of samples, for example, systematic samples, self-selected samples, simple random samples
  • 3.4.5  recognise the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of samples; for example, comparing simple random samples with self-selected samples
  • 3.4.6  identify the target population to be surveyed
  • 3.4.7  investigate questionnaire design principles; for example, simple language, unambiguous questions, consideration of number of choices, issues of privacy and ethics, freedom from bias
  • 3.4.8  describe the faults in the collection of data process
  • 3.4.9  describe sources of error in surveys; for example, sampling error and measurement error
  • 3.4.10  describe possible misrepresentation of the results of a survey due to the unreliability of generalising the survey findings to the entire population, for example, because of limited sample size or chance variation between samples
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